Basic Spray Gun Disassembly

Following any spray painting job with an air spray gun being either conventional, HVLP, or LVLP type, the following cleaning and basic disassembly and reassembly steps are usually recommended.

Remove any remaining paint from the pot and to save solvent spray gun pot could be wiped clean with paper towel which can be easily discarded once the paint is dried. Pour a small amount of solvent into the pot and swish around to clean then spray the solvent through the gun. Add additional solvent as required until no further colour is spraying from the gun.

Next remove the fluid adjusting knob completely from the back of the spray gun by turning in a counterclockwise direction which will usually free the knob and spring. Grasp the back of the needle between finger and thumb and draw the fluid needle out of the gun from the rear. Check the fluid needle for any paint and wipe clean with a solvent dampened cloth or paper towel if required.

Unscrew the air cap from the gun and carefully check for any remaining paint and remove with a soft cloth or brush and solvent. Take care not to damage any of the orifices in the air cap with any metal objects or wire brushes.

Place a close fitting spanner on the fluid nozzle and turned in a counterclockwise direction until removed then wash inside the fluid nozzle with a soft brush once again taking care not to drop the fluid nozzle or damaged the opening was metal objects or wire brushes.

Carefully wipe any remaining paint from the spray gun body and trigger using a soft cloth, brush or paper towel dampened was solvent. Finally dry all components using compressed air and blowgun. Exercise care when drying with a blowgun to avoid blowing any solvent back into the air passages of the spray gun body which could damage or contaminate and block valves and air control passages.

  • Air Cap
  • Air Spray Gun
  • Conventional Spray Gun
  • Fluid Needle
  • Fluid Nozzle
  • HVLP
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