How To Spray Paint Start Here

Okay so you are looking for information about how to spray paint. The first step is to identify what you are going to spray paint and what type of paint is going to be sprayed.

If you know what you are going to spray paint but you are still not sure what type of paint  to spray the first step will be to visit the technical sections on websites for paint manufacturers that offer products in your area.

Most paint manufacturers offer a paint or coating selection and a recommendation service which will help you choose the correct coating   for the surfaces you want to spray paint.

Once you have selected a suitable coating to suit your paint spray task or if you know that already the next thing to do is obtain a technical data sheet for the coating you plan to use.  A technical data sheet is different from a material safety datasheet or MSDS. A MSDS is only for detailing safe handling procedures and does not usually contain application recommendations for coatings.

A paint manufacturers technical data sheet will usually contain detailed information about recommended methods of application suggested drying times, recommended coats, suggested thinning and recommended methods of application. If the paint is suitable for spray painting the technical data sheet will usually contain recommendations on types of spray equipment and setting up the spray equipment for use with that particular paint.

Once all this information is available we can move on within the options available for spray painting the selected coating and choose the most suitable option for this specific application.

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