HVLP Turbines

Spray painting with HVLP turbines, as with any type of spray painting system, has advantages and limitations. One of the most outstanding advantages of using a HVLP turbine for spray painting is the high level of portability all that is required is a general purpose electrical outlet for power.

As with most air spray painting systems, provided you purchased a HVLP turbine spray gun which includes fan pattern adjustment, a high degree of output control can be achieved through simply adjusting the spray gun. With airless spray paint guns the only real way of adjusting flow and fan pattern width is through changing actual spray tips. While there are usually a range of fluid nozzle and needle air cap setups available for HVLP turbine spray guns fine-grained output and fan with modification can be achieved provided the spray gun set up is within the required range to suit the paint being sprayed.

An air compressor with a HVLP or even an LVLP spray gun will deliver the same or better result but limitation is the extra bulk and weight, and often electricity requirements for air compressors large enough to support HVLP spray guns.

HVLP turbine spray painting systems are usually limited in the amount of air supply hose between the turbine and the spray gun. This is not usually a problem due to the light weight and portability of a turbine HVLP spray system and due to the relatively lower electricity requirements additional electrical extension needs can be used. By comparison an air compressor would generally need to be closer to an electrical outlet but is able to support longer air hose links between the air compressor and the spray gun plus the air hose in air compressor spray gun systems is generally smaller diameter lighter and more flexible than air hose on HVLP turbine spray painting systems.

Another benefit of HVLP turbine spray gun systems is the warm dry air that is generated by the turbine. Air compressors generate warm to even hot air at the air compressor which can call rapidly causing moisture and conversation in the cooled air that eventually reaches the spray gun. This moisture can cause issues in the painted finish unless adequate water separator is so filtration is used.

It is best to try and keep a HVLP turbine in a separate room or area to wear your access spray painting to reduce the amount of over spray that will be will drawn back to the HVLP turbine which can clog the turbine filters rapidly.


Wagner FineSprayer HVLP Turbine

A handy DIY style HVLP turbine Wagner FineSprayer spraypainting outfit

Wagner FineCoat HVLP turbine paint sprayer

A professional painting contractor Wagner FineCoat HVLP turbine paint sprayer.

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