LVLP Spray Guns

Require HVLP spray gun capabilities, however, with less compressed air flow demands but still wanting reduced over spray levels? Low-volume low-pressure LVLP spray paint guns could be your answer.

LVLP spray guns are ideal for spray painters needing the many advantages of HVLP spray guns but with reduced compressed air consumption. Motor Vehicle or furniture spray painters who dont possess a very large compressed air compressor are now capable of acquiring a expert surface finish using LVLP spray gun technology while LVLP spray guns are great for mobile spray painters because of the smaller sized air flow demands and low spray paint over spray.

A huge advantage of LVLP spray gun technology is definitely the low over spray amounts. All good quality LVLP spray guns can easily perform under ten pounds per square inch of air pressure at the fluid nozzle atomising air cap in comparison with HVLP spray guns which actually work at ten pounds per square inch and are also commonly operated with increased air pressure by the operator to get better atomisation. LVLP features a transfer capability above 70 percent -80 percent which is typically 5 percent higher than many HVLP spray guns when accurately comparing the actual spray paint deposited to the item getting spray painted. Minimal paint over spray will be produced when using LVLP spray guns, saving on spray paint expense plus ecological concerns.

Some disadvantages involving LVLP spray guns are a moderate loss of performance and a minor decrease in spray fan pattern breadth usually achieving a maximum width of 250 to 290 millimetres.

LVLP spray guns operate with a decreased amount of compressed air to be able to atomise the spray paint at the atomising air cap. LVLP spray guns compensate for the actual shortage of air flow with a finely-detailed air flow cap that will assist with atomising the paint coating being sprayed. Employing a lower amount of air flow, the result will be it is easy to control the LVLP spray gun gun with much less volume of compressed air along with the use of a more compact compressor, usually around 4 ft.³ per minute less than the volume of their required by HVLP spray guns.

Should you be using a HVLP spray gun or a LVLP spray gun? Today, HVLP spray guns are definitely the most commonly encountered spray gun on the market. HVLP spray guns offer a rather long heritage and decent HVLP spray guns have turned out to be available at less expensive prices. Generally the actual 5 percent increase in coating transfer efficiency featured with LVLP spray guns isn't a real distinction for many spray painters and cannot be described as a consideration except in cases where paint over spray is the most important factor to the spray painter. In general either HVLP spray guns or LVLP spray guns will be suitable for almost all uses. HVLP spray guns over LVLP for any professional spray painter already owning a very large air compressor because of the slight increase in application rate, while smaller spray painting shops, furniture spray painters as well as serious enthusiast spray painters with limited air compressor sizes are usually better off with an LVLP spray gun.

Some worn that because so little air flow is required to be able to atomise the paint with the LVLP spray gun that any LVLP spray gun needs to be taken care of and maintained in very good condition, otherwise LVLP spray guns may have a tendency to develop problems earlier affecting the actual atomisation level unless the LVLP spray gun is kept in good condition and very clean. A few believe LVLP spray guns have heavier spray pattern edges and therefore will not be as effective in blending although some prefer the heavier edges as it is a lot more accurate and easier to control. On top of that, LVLP spray guns have a tendency to spray slightly more slowly than a lot of HVLP spray guns.

In support of LVLP spray guns, LVLP spray gun fan pattern is generally softer and LVLP spray guns feature the least over spray rates that can be found, and presuming LVLP spray guns are maintained adequately, these types of spray guns can be a joy to work with. Also, for auto sprayers using small air compressors, LVLP spray guns supply you with another option aside from a large air compressor and HVLP spray guns plus LVLP spray guns are also an excellent option for on the move spray painters who spray paint in the open air or even in vehicle sales yards. For furniture spray painters using LVLP spray guns enables you to obtain a expert finish with lower output air compressors. And those spray painting outside or indoors will benefit from lower over spray levels that are achievable when using LVLP spray guns.

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