Spray Painting Safety

Before undertaking any type of spray painting is essential to ensure that safety issues are addressed. While not all encompassing here are a few basic spray painting safety suggestions to consider maintaining.

Potentially one of the most critical safety items every spray painter should be wearing is safety eye wear. It is all too easy when mixing stirring or pouring paint and washing-up for a splash of paint to enter the eyes if protective eye wear is not worn. Even with eye protection worn it is advisable to have available a dedicated emergency eye wash station and suitably stocked first aid kit.

Breathing is another important safety aspect must be addressed whenever spray painting. No matter which type of spray gun is being used there will be over spray and there will be vapours in the air from drying or curing paint. While some paints such as household water-based paints are not extremely hazardous appropriate spray painting breathing protection masks must be employed even when using these paints. Many high or tech industrial coatings can contain extremely hazardous particles and vapours and full isolated personal airfed breathing mask systems must be employed when using these paints. Even when using relatively non hazardous paints quality respiratory breathing masks can be obtained which utilise combinations of charcoal vapour filters and particle filters. Your personal health is important do not skimp on breathing safety.

Skin protection should always be addressed when spray painting full-length closing and coveralls are recommended along with protective gloves and relatively inexpensive balaclava style spray hoods can be readily obtained from specialty hardware and spray paint equipment suppliers.

Always spray paint in a well the ventilated area and wherever possible use a certified spray painting booth designed specifically for the spray paint that is being used.

Where ever flammable solvents are being used all other sources of ignition must be removed and fire extinguishers kept in easily accessible locations around the work area.

Always be aware of any details relating to the actual paint being sprayed consult paint manufacturers MSDS and product typical data sheets specifically noting any specific safety warnings and recommendations.

Keep all spray painting work area is clean and clear of any obstructions especially around the work area is is all too easy to suffer injury by crashing into, or falling over, any obstructions while concentrating on the actual spray painting when moving along any surface that is being spray painted.

Ensure all spray painting equipment is maintained in good working order while paying particular attention to safe working pressure ratings of all equipment to ensure ratings are not exceeded.

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