Airless Spray Painting

Spray Painting Vermiculite Ceiling

Do you have one of those greyish brown textured ceilings in a home unit or office area that you feel appears drab and grey? Many home units with concrete slab ceilings had these concrete slab ceilings finished in vermiculite which helped camouflage unevenness in the form work that would have been very obvious had sealing been simply just painted.

It is possible to freshen a vermiculite celling by painting and here are a few tips which may help paint a vermiculite ceiling.

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  • Spray Painting

Using Airless Paint Spray Guns

Using airless paint spray guns.

Handheld airless paint spray guns are available these days in AC mains electric powered and cordless battery-powered airless spray guns.

Check the owners handbook for the recommended nozzle size to suit the paint you plan to spray.

If your handheld airless spray gun has different filters as an option once again consult the owners handbook to select the correct filter for the paint and nozzle size you will be using.

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  • Airless Spray Painting
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