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Using Airless Paint Spray Guns

Using airless paint spray guns.

Handheld airless paint spray guns are available these days in AC mains electric powered and cordless battery-powered airless spray guns.

Check the owners handbook for the recommended nozzle size to suit the paint you plan to spray.

If your handheld airless spray gun has different filters as an option once again consult the owners handbook to select the correct filter for the paint and nozzle size you will be using.

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Using Air Spray Guns

This general guide to using an air paint spray gun can apply to conventional air paint spray guns, HVLP air paint spray guns and LVLP air paint spray guns in gravity feed, suction or pressure feed variants.

The first thing to check is the paint manufacturers technical data sheet which will recommend a fluid nozzle size and often an air paint spray gun type for use with their coating.

The technical data sheet should also specify maximum thinning that is allowed for air paint spray applications.

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Masking for Spray Painting

Masking Up For Spray Painting

Following surface preparation for spray painting take a few minutes to carefully look at the job that is going to be spray painted and identify any surfaces that you don't want covered in paint or overspray.

Any surface areas where overspray is not wanted will need to be protected by masking these surfaces off with tape and other types of masking film.

Masking tape is the most common material used to masking prior to spray-painting. Masking tape is available in many different widths and in varying qualities.

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